We making your business more efficient, productive and secure.

We believe our approach to IT support allows us to offer our clients more than any other IT support providers.

Network & Communication

Traffic Steering and Management

At Olympia, we believe the traffic you see if the traffic you can control. We deliver a professional and qualitative experience in attracting and retaining visitors no matter the deployed security levels. We deploy solutions from encrypted traffic classification, congestion management, TCP optimisation and traffic shaping.

Deep Packet Inspection

Leading organisations across the world are fast realising that unlike conventional packet filtering which is highly limited, DPI provides a more sophisticated approach, using advanced technology to prevent worms, spyware, and obliterate viruses from getting into your corporate network.


At Olympia, one of our strongest points lies in Access services solutions that are designed to deliver complete visibility of network and service performance for greater operational efficiency, as well as timing synchronisation for LTE/LTE-A and future 5G deployments.


Our supplemental networks allow end-users across organisations--industrial, government, enterprise, markets and groups--to operate their own private wireless network independently and separate from public commercial wireless networks.


Our radio services embody both efficiency and effectiveness, with the safety of your operations and assets being its core. You can conveniently increase the area in which your workers are able to talk by utilising wide-area communication solutions.

Virtual Fiber

We provide advanced Virtual Fiber systems that not only cost-effective but delivers multipoint access really fast. This fixed wireless nomadic system strongly outperforms regular point-to-point microwave applications.

Physical Security


We are one of the leading companies offering a very wide range of products suitable for small business security to high-end IP CCTV surveillance.

We work with the world’s leading manufacturers of IP camera equipment globally and offer support services which cut across setup, consultancy, to administrative and user support.

Video Management System

We offer video management solutions suitable for any requirement scale -- be it small, media or larger scale installs. Our video installations could access live and recorded video data from their interconnected devices.

We run video systems that are seamless to set up, with highly efficient HD components. Easy to install and to use - the guided installation makes it easy to set-up a system in a couple of minutes.

Access Control

Olympia offers comprehensive access control components designed for small, medium or large scale projects.

Our access systems are flexible enough to adjust to your security needs accordingly. From Access Modular Components to readers and credentials, we tailor our hardware component to suit your security needs as it grows.

Fire Alarm System

Through a standardised compliance approach that ensures maximum safety and reliability, we design fire alarm systems across several application sizes--from small to medium and large.

For qualitative analysis, we’ve subjected all our products to various standard laboratory test conditions including fire tests, emission and immunity, electrostatic discharge and sensor detections such as smokes and corrosion in pipes. Our product specifications are as standardised in the industry.

Cyber Security

Next Generation Firewall

At Olympia, our next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) delivers high-level protection, peak performance inspection of clear and encrypted traffic.

Olympia’s NGFWs utilise high-definition processors and anti-threat and malware intelligence security services from AI-powered systems. With maximum integration into networks, user applications and systems, Next-generation firewalls reduce produces a tight breed of security, while reducing cost and complexity.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks jeopardise and hamper organisations systems, causing them to not only face challenges such as outages and data compromise but also lose huge amounts in revenues year-after-year.

Understanding the precarious situations of most organisations, Olympia deploys DDoS services to reduce the vulnerability of your IoT devices, truncate the activities of financially motivated hackers and ultimately mitigate DDoS assaults launched against important systems.

Web Application Firewall

Olympia’s Web Application Firewall protects your business’ most essential web applications from attacks that target known and unknown vulnerabilities.

We deploy advanced machine learning systems that automatically builds and maintains a model of normal user behaviour and identifies abnormalities and malicious application traffic without the time-consuming manual application-learning required by most WAFs.

Next Generation Endpoint Protection

In recent times, endpoints breaches have been statistically recorded to be more rampant initial points of vulnerable attacks. At Olympia technologies, we tighten endpoint security through integrated visibility, control, and proactive defence.

Our system is able to not only detect endpoint threats but tracks it in realtime to ensure that changes of risks are mitigated and endpoint enhance compliance is enhanced.